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These days the popularity of the Paleo diet is increasing exponential. As nutrition experts and fitness professionals as well as friends and neighbors testify to the impressive health benefits experienced while following a Paleo diet, more and more people are curious to find out just exactly what this primal way of eating truly is.

Paleo Explained

Eating paleo is simply a return to eating in the way our ancestors did. Gone are the processed and difficult to digest ingredients corporations have added to our diets in the name of a profit. In their place, are whole, natural, real foods our bodies are made to eat. The paleo diet consists of fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood, eggs, healthy fats, nuts, and seeds. Paleo diets call for eliminating processed foods, grains, legumes, dairy, and sugar. There are no calories or carbs to count; instead the focus is on getting the most nutrients out of the foods you eat.


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Top Paleo Benefits

It’s hard to overestimate the benefits people report gaining from following the paleo diet. One of the top benefits is a reduction in internal inflammation. When your body is not fighting to digest foods it is not fully equipped to digest nor fighting blood sugar spikes and crashes from sugars and grains, inflammation goes down. This leads to a reduction in illness and disease as well as relief from joint pain. Many people also report fewer headaches, clearer skin, and more energy. Though it is not the primary intention behind the paleo lifestyle, many people also experience weight loss as an added bonus when following a paleo diet.

Tips and Advice for Paleo Success

Because paleo is not a strict system of rules or points, it is easier than many diets out there. In fact, it’s really more of a lifestyle than a diet, but keeping a couple of tips in mind can make it even easier. Remembering your reasons for wanting to go paleo and noting your successes will help keep you motivated. Find trusted resources to come to with questions and get ideas. Prep foods ahead of time to prevent poor choices made in the heat of the moment. Finally, when you do make mistakes, give yourself grace and move on to the next meal!

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